Limpopo Master Kcee Called Out for 'Stealing' A photo ....Online Drama...

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 So, Kcee posted the above photo and said that was what he kinda made in one day with a thanksgiving Godly post. Let's say its what they call 99 Days and one day...because today the rightful owner of that photo politely asked kcee to stop stealing his picture.

You will recall not-long-ago how our beloved actress Oge Okoye was dragged on something similar, well today Kcee is in that kind of mess and according to his own repost, he edited out the hand holding the cash of the original photo.

This online drama and show off and battles and misleading is just NOT going away anytime soon.

See the above photo of Kcee and the Instagram user who called him out. He's an artist also in the united states. Kcee, Edited his hands out of the picture.

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