Congratulations to Mrs Patricia And Mr Emma Okole Once Again...

Patricia Epie wedded her Le Boo 'Hubby' Emma Okole last month in Dallas, Texas precisely on the 18TH of march 2017.

It was indeed well attended as friends from near and far who definitely were colleagues, classmates to the couple from days in school in Kumba and Buea, the South west region of Cameroon and widely spread across friends and family within the united states. 

Those who know Patricia Epie personally like me can tell you - She's a priceless, wonderful, lovely and calmly collected individual. I've personally known Patricia from when we were maybe 5years old or so and I'm elated about the couple and we wish you so many more loving years.
Watch the Couples Entrance On That Beautiful Night in Dallas...(video below)

They both danced to Eben's Victory song and it's fair to say It was such a perfect choice as it kept us all to our feets. More pictures from the wedding below...

Well, this was when I saw her in that dress - Wow! Gorgeous she was, as she stood there with smiles evidently only Emma Okole, her very confident and lovely Husband could perfectly give her.

 Emma was so much fun, energetic and Yes! No one could ask him 'How are you doing' like Wendy Williams because Obviously Emma Okole, was absolutely Radiantly doing Awesome in his spectacular Outfit.


Mrs Epie, Patricia's Mum was all shades of happy, I personally was happy to see her once again after so many years. Mummy bent low and shook that WAIST...LOL

This was the night before, The Bride and her beautiful Bridesmaid all glowing in Pink.

Collette Orji and Hubby Terence Limona Made sure They were Lit - As Always ...(Winks)

More wedding pictures Of Collette Orji and Ukeria Nzelle
 ( great friend and one of the Pinky Bridesmaid)

 One Of The Pre-wedding Photos as Posted on their social media page

We Know you had your traditional wedding a while back but sorry...We just dancing all the victory songs. And You Must Remember - We ate Your Chicken....Congrats Boo and Le Boo

Many More Years To Mrs Patricia and Emma Okole...Kisses +Hugs


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