Hello my wonders, Collette Orji is here again to inspire, rant, blab, educate, learn and tutor Life lessons as usual. Hope You learn something, share and comment. Thanks for your patronage so far!

I've come across almost all kinds and types of folks in this my not too old life. I thrive on experiences, lessons, realities, happenings around me and sometimes From Silence. I've learnt so much from silence - It's so powerful when there's quiet most importantly because you can think and reflect.

SPANX There are people who have money and will always help out their friends. There are people who have wealth; Clothes, Jewelry, Farm produce, food,etc...and they will always help out their friends who request in times of need. These type/kind of folks are ready givers, who would help her once the situations are genuine. I don't expect these kinds of people to give out their wealth/money without verifying things but trust me, once they find out that it is indeed worth it, thy readily help out.


A- Mentally: 
They give you good and great advice, they call to calm you down, they impact you positively and keep you thinking.We all wanna keep such friends.
B- Emotionally: 
They ask you to lean on them, they cry with you, laugh with you, they keep you on the phone to just talk and blab. If it is a heartbreak, they join you to cuss out the person on the other end. They are just everything. Sometimes, their presence makes you feel so rich when your account balance is doing you Pepper them eye things. Never ever mess up with a friend who will go with you all the way emotionally, they stay by your sick bed, they help you do your little works around each corner.These types of friends...I got so many that why I always know how Rich I am because of them.

C- Cash Money:
Oh! Without this next set of friends, there is no JUMPING the road map to actually been successful. They don't just listen or believe in you, they actually bring out the money and tell you, please use this and pay me back later, please why don't you just take this amount, for now, I know you will bounce back, they tell you, Oh! really, how much is it sef? Let's do launch and they pay when they know you are earning less at that moment, they just think money all the way round. 
SPANX You invite them over to your house, they stop at the grocery and get fruits, you call them for your party, they order a cake for you and sometimes remember to get you a birthday card. You have a funeral in your home, they send you a little token to aide you during that stress, you tell them how rough things can go, they just wanna add $20 into your life. They are just so rich and they keep getting richer and they are always happy. These set of friends dear lORD, you got one and you smile soo much when your phone rings. You know you got a blood friendly sister that God used to bring Rian and the sun into your life.
These set of friends don't talk idly. They don't go to pure gossip zones, they are so busy being happy and making money and they don't really care how much the handbag they are wearing actually cost.They walk into walmart ,pick up a pair of shorts and wear it to a wedding in their Toyotas. They are so rich spiritually and physically. But theres more - the richest thing they usually possess is their SMILE and their Brain. They identify with class yet they are so simple. Everyone tries to be like them without actually telling them. I could go on and on on these types of friends....SPANX (These Spanx Rock...) 

They love discussing business, empowerment, family and fun. These type of friends and family have a special place with me and my kind of lifestyle. I live only where posite energy lives. I don't spend much time with idle, lazy, boring, greedy, gossipers, groupers, empty brianer, arogant, STUPID followers fellows.


2; Then we have the Have's and Give Nots -

These types are always going from one designer store to another to have a sense of belonging about themselves so they can actually find out who is doing better than them. They will spend $500 for a pair of shoes and forget to plan for their train ticket and baggage. They will remmeber to not forget their very big and loud eyeshades but will totally forget the bags they actually packed their undergarments. You go to their homes, and sometimes the pots are angry with you. You see their bedrooms, Its like an apology. You meet their parents at home and they barely surviving form 1% of what they spend on a weekend pool trip. They need to update you with their expensive lives to be relevant and considered happy. 
They are daft up there in their brains. You spend an hour interacting with them and the only thing you learn is emptiness and stupidity. They are so por in spirit and will never ever help you. They even wont associate themselves with you in public till you start LIVING THE LIE. They gossip and compete for a living. They are like Vamppires feeding on Human Relevance from Emptiness. They have nothing to offer and always make you feeling LESS. 
 The DRAIN you completely, totally. The are very UNDEPENDABLE! They dont call you when you have death in the family or they call to ask you what they should buy for their mothers when your own mother just died. They will make sure they travel on the most important days in your life like weddings, deaths, family occasions. They Try to buy you into their own family when theyhave issues. They make you feel so LESS.
They are the haves, and the Give Nots. They will never give you time for meaningful things, time for proud things, and money that will help you fix a situation. They never give you their money. Any friend who doest give you MONEY IN CASH when you need it and they have it ...THAT ONE NA FRIEND SEF?.....The never give. Trust me...I know alot of them. 
They are also so scared, maybe you have more now, they just take a toil on you. Your friend has so much, and they know you have nothing at that time and you really needed stuffs, they even follow you to go borrow from another friend and they two friends call each other later to say you tried to borrow from them.
They even tell you the reason they can't help you is because they must buy the new ..........Insensitive Sheep.
These type of friends only call you after you ahve pulled through whatever you went through and start making up stories you know are lies. May not not fall into the hands of such friends and may you start this second to destroy them from your life in Jesus Name.
I can tell you so much more but let me go blog....Coco's Gotta EAT, you know. 
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Love You my wonders till later. Thanks for reading and sharing and commenting.Happy Easter My Wonders


  1. Wow! This piece is just to good to ignore... Well articulated. ��✌... OG.

    1. My pretty OGπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ₯‚✨✨✨

  2. Amazing article my wonder, way to go ❤❤❤❤❤❤


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