Collette Orji - Marriages Last Longer When The Woman Stays At Home...

Men Are Happier When Their Wives Stay At Home And Manage Household. Marriages Also Last Longer When The Woman Stays At Home...(Story Story...Story!)

I guess all things being equal, men would prefer their wives at home and managing the household... 

If you were born sometime between the early 80's through the 90's and into the 2000's then you fall under what we call the millennials.

I have a story for you, my wonders, I've been reading and verifying and I don't want my eyes to see my ears without a mirror but most surveys and also the New York Times also reported this to be true.

Most Men/ Husbands prefer, want, and ARE even happier when their spouse/ wife stays at home. Yes! you heard that. And to sum it all up, Marriages last longer when the wives are stay at home kinda moms and the man are doing most of the work and income.
 Can you believe that?

I know right? Most of us will think that in this age and time when women are finally presidents IN first world countries and gender equality bills are passed and feminism even became the most used word in the dictionary in the last year and women are standing up for themselves more, we would all believe that things are indeed taking shape and women are becoming humans and not just a female reproductive compound. 
But No! more men actually ask, and prefer their wives to stay at home.

In Australia,, most marriages break down when the men are not employed or income bringers unlike the reverse when maybe it was the woman bring income.

In the UK/EUROPE - the system allows so many amenities for mothers and nursing mothers thereby indirectly encouraging more women to actually stay at home without them even knowing that's what's going on. Women are so easily emasculated and like in love and like in life, women are always taken aback by very little privileges.

In America, women stay at home during nursing and grooming the young children and when they stay at home, the men/husbands are actually happier?

Yes, You heard me well? I even read that there's a higher divorce rate when both spouses are working as in quotes 'the traditional elements in a marriage that govern popular beliefs are not fully achieved'. 

Hmmm follow me and be reading oh, before you go on arguing!

let's take Nigeria for instance - What? Yes! What? Did you expect me to do my reading and formed an analysis without mentioning Nigeria?

Well - Do you ever wonder why most often than not, the wives of very rich/prominent women are staying at home moms? Yes! that's true, right? Sometimes after staying at home for so many years and nurturing all their kids, then after like some 15 - 20 years of marriage their husbands will open them something like a boutique or dare I say some form of supermarkets so at least they do feel like they are doing something and going out too but they must remember to come back home earlier to prepare food for their husbands or at least coordinate the cooking?

Yes! now you know, more men actually, really,  truly in this millennium yes, prefer their wives to become stay at home moms. They say men are happier in marriage when their wives stay at home rather than when they do work or bring in incomes.

We all know the power of money and the acknowledgment it comes with. So dear women, you have heard. it's not me who said it and when they say more men, it doesn't mean all so read between the lines but yes, more men actually feel a more entitled sense of pride and ego and possess a certain swag of control when they actually are the only providers and they are even happier, that's what statistics show.

It's also interesting to note that - before the millennials, men expected their wives to work especially in Africa, now these works could be in mini businesses around their homes, farmlands, etc but they needed the wives to work. 
Now, are we growing in reverse? because, today, right now, this minute, statistics prove that more men say they are happier, and actually prefer their wives not to work.

That's all I bring for you today...#ToMoreThanWeCanBe

Do You Agree? Why/ WhyNot?

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  1. And lazy n stupid ladies will accept that! Housewife as they call it is not my portion in Jesus name Amen.... That's why they remain helpless wen issue arises in their home.... Women shine ur eyes.....OG.


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