Big Shout Out Birthday To My Friend And Wonder LilyJean...

@⁨Lily Jean,⁩ Happy Birthday Cherie LJ. 

Enthusiastic,Fun,Almost Always Too Happy, Strong, Daring, Bold and Adventurous LJ... Always seeing the good sides in people. Always focus where there 's socialism and happy people. 
Willing to help at each door and very very trusting.

From that Night we met at that Corner (You Know), hahaha hahaha You've been so Committed. So Honest and yeah Hun- You are that dark chocolate Sweet bundle. We should add your package to Etisalat's bundle.

 You should be the next girl in Big brother Naija house. Nigeria will even love you more. I know your wishes are in alignment with God's wishes for you. My designer Chic always On Fleek. 

Fashionista and I belong for real chic. Your ability to be very sociable is a sucker punch to my new 'ferrrk It' character.

 Many more years LJ and Keep the Focus. For always been there for me too, thank You, Love. 
Written from my heart with Love. HBD @⁨Lily Jean Glo

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