I get so busy,but writing and using my voice is a deep passion.So here it is:-

We all have a friend who is another friend's friend. 

Best put is, your best friend is another person's worst enemy. It's getting worst these days.

Your husband is the ex husband of Mary who is also the ex wife of James and the ex girl friend of Jacob who is also the ex husband of Martha. And Mary and Jacob have a child together,Martha and James have two kids together and Mary and James also share a history!

It's all insane.Yes!This is the world we all are in today.Every guy you meet is somebody's sloppy second and every woman is someone's sloppy ex.Truly- we don land and worst still,its all plastered all over the internet.

Everybody Knows Everybody! To me, this is the worlds biggest killing disease, Mutual Friends OR Mutual Enemy if you preferred the alternative.

Your meet a man today via a mutual friend, in the cause of discussion you realized that he dated one of your old school mates, what do you do? You go on with a second date, he also realizes that you dated his older cousin, what does he do? These days, its even harder, we even introduce our ex boyfriends to some friends.

Everyone just want to share a little happiness here and there and damn! It's Not easy...

Any person whe say e easy na Set Up. 

We are in a world where almost everybody is now related by blood or dare i say by SEX. One guy has had sexual relations with over 50 women before he's 30 thereby increasing the chances of him to have slept with almost the next 20 female friends out of 100 that you may come across and vice versa.

 One woman had over 50 sexual partners before the age of 25 and yes, thereby increasing the chances of rubbing her friends of 20 potential future suitors. 

Well...whats my own self? Is it my vagina or my Penis? Right?...
You have a girl friend who is best friends with your ex boyfriend's wive, your ex boyfriends girlfriend and today she's with you and tomorrow she's with her friend who is your boyfriend's ex...

You begin to wonder in between - Loyalty!!! That's the biggest problem. 

Where does True Loyalty truly lie?

Can you truly be friends with your boyfriends ex girl friend? can you truly be friends with your husbands ex wife? can you truly be friends with your girlfriends ex boyfriend? can you truly be friends with your wives ex husband? Can You?
Tell yourselves the Truth...Its not an exam!It's no rocket science.

Mary introduces Martha to Mabel, in just few days, Mabel and Martha becomes Besties, they go out without Mary, they call, chat daily, Mary suffers from a little jealousy, suddenly Mary has issues with Martha and Mabel is caught in the middle. What does Mabel do? Who should Mabel be Loyal to? well, in just a week time- Martha and Mabel trashes Mary and the mutual friend crisis leads to mutual enemy. Mary then becomes a friend to Martha's enemy and the circle continues. 

It happens all the time and it happens every minute. Everyone has now become a monitoring spirit for another. A and C are friends, B and C are also friends But B and A are enemies? Does this really work in the long run? Everybody talks, everybody gossips - so do you worry sometimes when your close friend is also the close friend of your enemy? Should we worry? Should you trust friends who befriend your enemy? What do you think?

The other phase is the social media phase.

Its almost impossible to escape this phase if you choose to be an active social media personality. Do you unfriend,unfollow and block the mutual friends of your enemies? Because as much as you avoid them in real life practicalities, how many can you really stay away from on social media platform in terms of mutual friends and how they keep up with you on your articles, pictures, post, knowing fully well that they just need to read, copy, and share with the supposed enemy friend of yours.
Are there some friends whom you know they follow everything you do on the internet, they are your friends on every platform but never comment, like, share, but they run to your inbox to tell you about it...sometimes, i bet you, you should be scared of those types. 
They also run with it to the enemy friend of yours...On this part, i know from experience!

I think, if you can identify mutual friends, mutual enemies, and find out where loyalty among your friends lie, you will save yourself from over 95% of all your current troubles. Be careful of mutual friends and mutual enemies and focus on vision purposeful friends and you would have started to conquer your difficulties.

Mutual friends are the ones that carry your issues to your enemies, they carry everything they know about you and share with those you are avoiding. They befriend both your girlfriends and boyfriends so they can know more about you and share amidst themselves.
You must be so lovely that people see you only occasionally in real life.The fact that they see you on social media doesn't mean that they see you always or know your routines.

I think personally, the fear of mutual friends is the water of life in today's world. 

When it comes to friendship, work so hard to be sure where your friend's LOYALTY STANDS. 

You have to know where your friends will stand if you need them. You need to know where the private things about you, you hear, the noise around you, you should know where its coming from. 

As my mother will say 'use your Tongue to count your teeth and my father will say, The World and it's people.'

All Copyrights Collette Orji 2017

Thanks so much for reading 


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