katchy ohiaeri - I happen to be of the AS genotype... I have had to end so many relationships prematurely because of this genotype issue.

I am someone who never cares to explain myself, my lifestyle or my choices. I strongly believe that I am an adult and as such, I know what is good or bad for me.

I have tried to keep this to myself as I don't like to discuss my personal life on FB, coupled with the fact that I do enjoy the bashing from deluded fellows who hate to love a beautiful woman with guts. This backlash have a way of shapenning me and making me the confident woman I am today, so please bring it on. (Odeshi)
The essence of my post is to discuss the travails of the Nigerian, or to put it correctly the man or woman of African descent with a sickling trait or the full blown sickle cell
Anaemia condition.

I think I should count myself lucky to be of the sickling trait than the full blown condition. I happen to be of the AS genotype and the only one amongst my siblings. Others are AA. I and so many Africans have this sickling trait in our genome.
The suicide of the sickler and medical doctor, Allwell Orji, prompted me to come up with this write up.
I don't think I want to start with the lecture on how the genotypes work and which genotypes that when mated can lead to a sick cell anaemic child. I think it is safe for me to assume that my Facebook friends and followers are in the know of these combinations and their resultant effects. Ok let me share it. If an AS mates with an AS there is 1 in 4 chances that they will produce a sickler , SS. And if an AS mates with an SS, there is 2 in 4 chances that they will produce a sickler, SS too. When an AA mates with an AS, there is no chance that they will produce a sickler , SS.
The fact now remains that those of us with the AS genotype are not at liberty to fall in love like it is portrayed in the bible, mills and boons, Facebook to mention but a few. Before your heart goes out to that man or woman, you have to be sure your genotype is equally going out to them. So many of us have fallen in love and "out of love", with people we really desire. A lot of us are married but our hearts still yearn for our one true AS genotype love.
This is a very challenging and debilitating experience the sickling trait and condition have caused a lot of us. I have been advised to take the option of an IVF (in-vitro fertilization or other wise known as test tube baby option where the genes are sorted and rightly mixed) next time I meet some one I love with the same AS genotype as me. Much as I agree about the efficacy of this procedure, it isn't really easy to choose that option when you can have a baby yourself if given the chance to. Again, it is an expensive option here in Nigeria with a lot of failure rates.
This goes to show the hassles an AS genotype or SS would have to contend with when choosing a life partner. I have had to end so many relationships prematurely because of this genotype issue. Sometimes I have wondered aloud if all we have left in this world is the AS genotype but I still take solace in the fact that the AA genotype is said to outnumber us.
The late doctors story of sickle cell anaemia with brain seizures is at best a double tragedy on one individual. I really feel pain for him for this condition. It is very painful to loose a love interest, I know this pain to be honest, but worse to have a sickler and see them go through untold pain. So if we all want to be truthful to ourselves, is any love worth it to bring into this world, a child with such a debilitating disease?.
For me it is not worth it at all. So my fellow AS, if you haven't found a life partner yet , keep faith, your miracle is on the way.

Written By +Katchy Ohiaeri

coco's note:
Beautiful piece...

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