How Can Apostle Johnson Suleman Clear Himself From Stephanie Otobo's Sex Mess Accusations?...

5 Ways Apostle Johnson Suleman Can Clear Himself In Stephanie Otobo's Sex Mess...

  • From Encomium Magazine;

    The damaging allegations by Canada based singer, Stephanie Otobo, that Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide was her lover can be debunked easily.

    All ‘the man of God’ needs to do – to prove his innocence that he never had sex with the stripper, never exchanged lewd text messages and chatted with her on Skype showing her his manhood – is to pass the following tests:

  • 1.) Provide his passport for examination to show that he was never in the same foreign country listed by her accuser at the same time.
    Stephanie listed Naples (Italy) and New York (United States of America) as places they engaged in sex. Once both are never in those places, his case becomes easier.

  • 2.) He should provide evidence that the money he gave her were for business and assistance.
    And the amount should be in the church’s records. Or in the records of his personal expenses clearly identified as such.

    3.) He should tell Nigerians what the subject of blackmail is.
    And details of when the blackmail and extortion started, and what he did to the threat.

    4.) Submit his phones, iPad and laptop for forensic examination to show that he never had sexual conversations with Stephanie.
    Stephanie Otobo should provide all the telephone numbers and accounts used in the so-called conversations and chats.

    5.) He should present himself to the police where both parties will be interviewed.
    Since a crime of extortion and blackmail is being pursued, not to talk of the libel of monumental proportion, the meeting will go a long way between accuser and accused.

    The purpose is for both to debunk allegations leveled by the other party. One claimed they met, the other denied.

    Stephanie has to do more than the flippant details she’s providing. She has to remember dates and places and events that can be easily corroborated.

or....negotiate privately...

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