Cossy Orjiakor Part 6 Of Delila - He has eaten deep into the sweetest taboo...wife's missionary style vs doggy style, ass trap, 3some by skilled and desperate ladies .

Ungrateful Delilah part(6-10) story.... Story... Story. 

Delilah lives close to me, so she always stop by to say hi.
 I kept grooming her..telling her secrets on how to take over as Mr? first lady, . I need to retire with my Range Rover... 

Then he Called again to shout..i wondered what bitchy iyanu must have told him again. Iyanu finished me with bad words. Well it's her style. An ordinary friend can't compete with a fuck mate... It was just 3days to my birthday. I needed a closure and decided to do it my way, am tired of the whole drama....i blocked them all... 

My good deeds backfired....she knew d SUV was bought but tot it fits her better hence the blackmail..... Delilah made a voice notes of all the guidelines I gave her to succeed as Mr? 

New protocol.. She Forwarded it Mr? 
Being a powerful man hates being talked about... That's how I lost out and she took my Range rover.... 

Delilah became the official protocol officer 2011------till present. 

All the people that know her before 2010 shivers at her kind of sudden wealth... houses, cars ...each time I see her I remember that lies...i remember the betrayal... It still dey pepper me plenty... 😒

 Iyanu is now a big time producer.. Foundation owner.. 
Which she uses to get through to higher with cash. Wife's beware.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I can't keep still it's time to overthrow their reign. I did it before..

but I need your help to do it again.. I want orders restored. 

Mr? Is a married man. πŸ˜₯😨Watch out she is coming!!!!!!!!she swear on her life, that Mr? Is innocent and decent 😡...How long can this battle go on between good and bad... Truth and lies. the mistresses and the madam. Well..... I feel madam days may be numbered.

 He has eaten deep into the sweetest taboo😱. Who will win in this epic battle.. wife's missionary style vs doggy style, ass trap, 3some by skilled and desperate ladies .

 May the best team Win.. Once your born into this world.

You will never make it out alive.. No fears.. the comic book and novel of this real life drama will be available in a few weeks or months . Let me call my chief launcher. 60000616πŸ˜€πŸ˜. 

Mr? Will now be called Samson the stallion. Because he a strong man..... πŸ˜‚

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