Cossy Orjiakor Part 5 : Mr. Stallion, is a Public Figure, Bitch One Is Iyanu the Bold one,Bitch Two Is Lovina the Lover Girl and Bitch 3 Is Delila the Motherf**ker...

So, cocowondersblog checked on Cossy Orjiakor's Instagram handle yesterday and realized she did not update my addicts on part 5. We were disappointed but we saw a message  'She advised us all to go to Church because it was Church day and Not Gossip day.

You can imagine our joy when Sunday turned to Monday..Gossip day...HURAYYYYY!

I have been entertaining you with juicy gossip...but today i need your help in choosing a xter name for Mr?

Mr? a tall...dark...slender and handsome man..
You know say any man wey get money is super handsome to our eyes...anyway he is a stallion...and almost every girls dream man. based on his fat pocket. His good nature...and the way he uses his average DK with class..

He is a powerful public figure. A young billionaire abi trillonaire with connection so vast and wide that governors are on first name basis.....

Bitch 1_IYANU. The Yoruba actress. Cute girly with slant eye that goes up person wey do face lift . baby no dey shake. . her Instagram account is still open.
I told you this bitch is bold and fearless... Oloriburuku girl, she thinks she is a big girl..but I see the rat that bite the fingers that fed her... She owns a foundation.👻😝

 BITCH 2_ LOVINA ...the lovey lovey one..this stupid one ain't important.. With her dead career. I bet she owns one imaginary foundation too..... I won't bother choosing a name similar to i call her LOVINA

DELILA....The real juicy ass mother fucker_ Delila.
The okada girl...The igbo actress with big fat juicy ass...
 My baby...the one I campaigned for to take over ..
The one I told secrets to make her succeed as the protocol first lady....they say politics is a dirty game.... COSSY ....i remain my humble self...THE PA ON SPECIAL DUTIES to MR? 2010_2011 tenure..

The official and original protocol officer .. That started the journey with the Mr?..
DORO DIVA..a fictitious name. A normal very rich girl. Public figure...who loves sex so much...she is so rich and classy but scares men away.. She have a man in her life that have finger as D. So when the great urge comes. She dresses down and hit the lonely street looking for a man to Fk her...
The aim.... Person wey work must chop. As he no buy that car. I go buy am myself with the proceed of this tell it all tale.... Hahaha ok...scratch that
The aim... To tell a true and original story with life changing events on the people involved and sort a good closure to the betrayal.

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coco's note:
Thanks for part 5...waiting for more...

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