Collette Orji - People Talk About Me All The Time - I Just Quieten The Noise...

You wake up one morning and your phone is on fire! 

You wake up one morning and your phone is on fire! Practically red from missed calls, messages and chats all of them buzzing and expecting a response.
You think of going back to bed first or to start reading the messages, your mother, father, sisters, friends all of them want a reply at the same time. WHY? You are trending on social media.

Something about you has been released and everyone is talking about it, people need answers.You go absolutely numb, or breakdown in tears, or fear or shame or sudden weakness or the urge to respond, insult, curse, fire back or sometimes All of the above.

You step down from your house as you walk to your car, you feel everyone is staring at you.
You arrived, work, bank, office, school and yea - All Eyez on you. Can I hear A TUPAC SOMEWHERE?

It's like ' FOWL YANSH DON OPEN' as we say it in Nigeria, Its not a dream, it's real. Your own day has come.
All those things you think you did in private is staring at you and everyone is reading and also staring at them.
Sometimes, it's all lies, sometimes its a mix up of lies and partial truth, sometimes its mostly true, and most often than not, It's a complete package or half rumors, half opinions and largely judgmental.

The voices listening and reading are too much, over millions reading and their voices are too loud, its like a bang -
Your voice is almost dead and no one is exactly listening.
There's a huge debate amidst your friends on whats-app, arguments, some are fighting back the things posted about you, others are kinda happy it's finally exposed and yea! total mix up amidst your very own friends.

Advice and solutions coming from family, and even your pastor, your boss. Sometimes, it's just one twitter post of 140 letters, or some Facebook post or even some Instagram post or picture about you  and you get wrecked instantly.

Everyone is screaming, oh Please, you must come and explain yourself.

A; It maybe a picture of you and an ex boyfriend or old past relationship.

B; Something about you claiming you lied.

C; The result of an illness you keeping private.

D; It could even be something your family member or friend did in the past or present.

E; Who can even not mention maybe it's what your boyfriend did or who your girlfriend is cheating with.

F; Maybe the woman your husband is cheating on you with and vice versa.

G; Maybe a proof of your marriage, or divorce or separation or just something you prefer to keep in the past.

H; Maybe a child you had some many years back and hid from the public....It could just be anything...(to name a few)

And there's so much going on everywhere and both your friends and enemies are all waiting for the truth or lies and there's one name in every ones lips - Your name! You could be so emotionally drain or this could just all be so many things you just ain't ready to deal with and yet, its the front page of every paper...What do you do? How do yo handle it? Where do you run to?

Be ready for things like this my wonders, because social media has come to stay and everyone , well we all have an anus( Opinions).

Fortunately, For someone like me, personally who's been in the public eye since she was two years old, I've dealt with mine. I've got a fair share of front pages and gossips. Lol -
 Oh Yes i have. I'm Kinda Old School now. 

People talk about me all the time, People have dealt with me in various  ways.

 From the age of two, till date... It Happens, So All I do is I practice what I call... The world and it's people.
My DAD Repeated that line so much that it was like saying Coco. Yes! I quieten the Noise, I listen to me.
I practice the calm and I quieting the Noise.

( Keke Palmer even has a book now on Quieting the Noise)

I started practicing that a long time ago, Over two decades.

 If it's not a matter for the courts, civil/criminal...
Business and global endorsements.You are wasting your time...
Life is had and the world is both mean and great!

So, I don't know if you read my articles or you ever learn anything from them ...

But i tell you this, You wake up one morning and everything on every corner is something you know fully world is freakingly fuckingly absolutely None of them business.

.....Quiet the noise and remember my dad - 
The world and it's people , Sometimes it's just Turn By Turn.

When Your Day Shall Come -

Collette Orji, 2017
You can't please everyone...Use your tongue to count your teeth.


  1. Tongue must wag, whether good or bad ahead ahead u move����...nick name :let them say.. no going back.......OG.

  2. Kisses and so much love for you @OG ❤💜

  3. People must always talk, the best is to ignore them and keep flying high.


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