Collette Orji - HUSBANDS ARE SCARCE, YES! SO FIND YOUR LEVEL FAST...and stop listening to me please!!!

Starting this article, my mind beat a bit then I flipped my hair and said...Na Today?  Chill Please.
For the first time in a very long time, women above 30 are not exactly so scared again about getting/not getting married.
Yes! some have even become embolden to fully state it without mincing words that these are my values and am not lowering them for any man.
Am indeed gladdened that the voices of the women who fought hard for this day to come did not go in vain.
Notwithstanding, there's still so much going on my wonders -Let's Talk...

What's Up with Collette and marriage sef? Na because say she don marry? Every woman whe marry now don become na marriage adviser, Yet see how them dey run inside one marriage, they no even fit keep sef. Let her be making that her mouth, soon now she will start telling us stories that touch...we are here, we will be waiting. Flips my hair again and smile - You don't know me if you really say this about me. 

I've been saying the same thing since I was 5, I am still saying the same thing today. Husband come, the husband goes....Na Today? Chill, please.

 Back to the subject...sorry for distracting you!

Husbands are scarce! Let no one fool you. This is the truth. Yes, it is. But unless you haven't heard about Nigeria in West Africa, this statement may conflict itself. Come and see wonders in all the Catholic and Anglican churches in Nigeria every Saturday and you will go back home and ponder, How Come? Where are all these girls getting these Husbands sef? Na wa oh!As if, that's not enough, it's even the so-called Branded Bad Chics that are even getting wedded and to the wealthier/cuter guys too. Damn! 

I tell you, I spent some years in Nigeria and I can tell you I know this feeling.
 It was everywhere I went to, every outfit I wore, every guy I exchanged phone numbers's sickening. 
But for once again, this article is not about me...Coco keep to the point please okay. 

Being a single woman of about 30 in Nigeria can be Hard. Dare I say Africa and even in diaspora. Husbands are hard, yes really hard so please find your level, because as you keep letting go of your levels, the journey no go easy oh.

A.  Those who are married are always saying something: -

  When women who are married for about 10 years are speaking, the ones who have been married for one year will be sharpening their mouth and the ones who are hoping to get married someday are also sharpening their mouths. It's like staying in Canada and telling your friends and family members in Africa that things are really hard and you are advising them to remain in Nigeria.

B.   They will hate you so much and remind you that if it's so hard, why ain't you returning back to Nigeria.It's the same story with mothers. When they tell us how difficult and painful Pregnancy and motherhood is, yet they are having the number five child and you keep wondering, Could It Be the Sex?If pregnancy is that hard, why do you keep getting pregnant? If Canada and America is not good, why are you guys still there? If marriage is so hard, why did you get married, why are you still there? and why will you even say you will get married again and again - So how can you advise someone else that It's too hard.

C.   Could you be lying? I think everyone should get married for at least One year, then maybe, just maybe - there will be more like minds in certain subjects. Husbands are so scarce and with more men coming out openly as GAYS in their own Rights, Tell me all about it - It's getting harder. Find your own level. If you know that you are ready to marry like our mothers did, do all the house chores, even when you have a job, kneel down when you talk to your husband, have sex once he demands sex irrespective of how tired you are, as scarce as husbands are...Everybody get Level. Yes! There's a level for everyone.

. Don't Let Me Or Anyone Tell You Otherwise:-

So many are going into marriages, so many are coming out and so many are enjoying it and so many are battling it. It's like Life itself. The Question is what do you want? There are men everywhere but Husbands are scarce and vice versa yea. If you want to marry one of my brothers from Onitsha main market who has worked hard and is handling his business, Make sure you are ready to help him in one way or the other based on the goals you both discussed before marriage. 

Women are so difficult too. You have agreed that someone is your head because he has a Penis, not because he earned it or so, just because he has a Penis, You say he is your why are you disobeying your head? Why? You be Tail Abi? okay na, remain the tail oh... 

C: Most Nigerians That I Know Are Christians - They Believe deeply in the Bible or so they say:-

From when these women turned eight(8), their mothers sang in their ears, remember you are a girl, you will be somebody's wife. Sit like a woman, walk like a woman, come and help me in the kitchen, don't you know that you are a woman?
 When you start seeing your period, they are prepared for motherhood in an extraordinary way. Women are raised to feel ashamed of Biology. Something they have no control over, ashamed of developing breast and wearing BRA and when they also start developing pubic hairs. How Ironic, yes how ironic? 

The guys are celebrated for developing deep voices, armpit and pubic hair, strong muscles, Yes, they are also celebrating for growing a bigger penis. 
And our mothers remind the girl child how they should remember the man is the head of them from the bible and as having good morals.

Well, dear woman - If you really know, believe and agree that the man, your husband, your partner, your spouse is the head over you then why do you fight, or argue or raise your voice or even dare to speak when your HEAD is speaking? You cannot agree and disagree at the same time. No! You cannot call the man, the head and at the same time call him YOUR SIDE. That's Not true.


Now, they will say I said, they should not pray or fast? How your Pray/Fast take concern me bikonu? Unless of course, you did that for my good right? You cannot change to get married to a man and forget the version of you that the man married. A man will marry a sexy banker and you will open your mouth and agree that you will not work again, My husband says I should not work? 

Oh God! (Flips Hair) and you expect him to treat you like the woman he met. Well, what am I even saying? You work so hard to get a husband and you totally forget that he is your God. You made him a God and now you don't want to follow Orders. Una never see anything. If you know you went from one prayer house to the next prayer house, from one altar to another, from one church to another, you tolerated every ill and violent and ungodly character a man showed you and you still married him, please, it's never too late oh. Stay there and worship your husband as God or Worship your marriage as a TAIL. Na You Sabi! Chei,

 Husbands are scarce right, So you think every girl is envying you because you are married...You are an Olodo!!! I love Love, I love Lovers, I love Friends, I love.

Partners in Partnership...But Once Again as my mother will say Protect your vagina but use your Brain and my dad will say People are people.

I'll Be BACK with More....


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  1. Lol.... They r many but the good ones r scarce...... OG.

  2. even Bad ones no dey sef...all scarce dear OG


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