Cheating Husbands and Married Men – 5 Reasons Why Facebook Causes Drama in Marriage

I came across this article today which that basically said Facebook is to blame for a whopping one out of every five divorces.

 I thought I would take a moment to share my views on the topic and state 5 reasons why Facebook causes drama in marriage.

1. Pictures do not lie.
 It is easy to tag people and sometimes married couples get tagged in pictures and situations that they didn’t intend. If you are cheating, and someone tags you in a photo with another woman because they thought she was your wife, you’re busted.

2.‘Friend requests’.
When you join Facebook, people from your past start “friending” you. Next thing you know, your husband has hundred of women as ‘friends’ on Facebook. And the women friends are  just like the Energizer Bunny, they keep coming and coming. Some of those ‘friends’ would love to be with your husband.

 3. Your ex’s (also known as ‘friends’ ).
Will always seek you out on Facebook and friend you. We all think we can handle being friends with our ex’s, but it is so easy to get caught up in a situation, be careful.

4. Some women who have friended your husband want your husband and do not care that he is married.
 They’ll post flirtatious comments on his Wall, send private messages, anything to get his attention. Drama drama, and more drama.

5. Facebook makes it easy for the other woman to contact you. 
You don’t have to be friends with someone to message them. My husband was smart enough not to friend the person he was sleeping with, but the OW knew how to message me via Facebook.

I do not blame Facebook, it is just a tool.

Facebook causes drama because there is typically no conversation among married couples around social media. Having a simple conversation around social media could save you from trouble down the road, because when a problem arises,  tensions are high and it is difficult to have a productive conversation.  Pro-active communication is key.

**Just a little advice for cheating men – might not want to friend the OW (Other Woma). The minute she gets mad at you, she has the power to embarrass you, your friends and your wife’s friend via a public setting. Not cool at all.

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