Apostle Suleman and Stephanie Otobo Update - You Are An Ordinary Man, An Agbero, A Rat, I Have Seen Your Nakedness On And On...I'm Not Scared Of You...

Stephanie Otobo who dragged out Apostle Suleiman, for an alleged marital infidelity and deceit, has laid a curse on the Pastor.

 Stephanie Otobo travelled back to Canada and alleged that the Pastor is desperate and has been threatening her family because they're commoners.

This Is A Brief Video Of Stephanie Otobo Below.

You are really getting too desperate, I've seen your nakedness, you are just an Agbero, A rat, you have used your tongue on my body - I am not scared of you .........., I am placing a curse on you for humiliating my mother ... You are an ordinary man. I have seen your nakedness on and on so I am not scared of you. A normal person will come to court
According to her, she's not afraid of the Pastor as she has seen his nakedness. She went further to say if he isn't desperate, he should meet her in court. She also acknowledged recent loved up photos of the Pastor and his wife, and asked him why they're all coming up now.

In her words. "Apostle Suleiman is Desperate, I will come After You Legally. You are not a man of God, You are not a pastor, you are an ordinary man and I have seen your nakedness, you are an Agbero a rat.
For Humiliating My Mother, I have placed a curse on you.
I cannot be scared of you, It would not be well with you until you speak the truth." It Will Not Be Well With You In Jesus Name...

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