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I've discovered that a lot of businesses were killed by their growth...

Let's say you run a laundry and initially you used to handle about 50 shirts in a month and later on the business grew to about 100 shirts a month. Wisdom requires that you increase the capacity of your business to accommodate the growth comfortably. 

If the laundry had just 1 staff while handling 50 shirts a month, and you still maintain only that 1 staff when your patronage has grown to 100 shirts a month, soon you will start running behind your delivery schedules, you will start disappointing your clients, you will start working under serious pressure to meet up the increased demand and you will be stressed and the stress will affect the quality of your delivery. 

You will start rushing your jobs in other to meet up and your jobs soon will start becoming shabby and in no time your clients will start to notice a decline in your job delivery and soon you will start losing your clients and in no time the laundry business will fold up.

What am i saying? Whatever you do in life, always ensure to give back to the business and build a bigger capacity to handle every level of growth. Always find a way to increase the quality of your job, don't ever feel you have arrived. 

Even if you think you are the best, still find a way to become better than the best you have become. Never forget, those coming behind you are seeking ways to get better than you. 

There's no plateau level in any business, you must keep growing. It's either you are growing or you are dying. Always build up and increase your capacity for growth.

This applies to every single business under the sun. One thing is also very important, no matter the business you do, whether you sell fruits, or sachet water or you run an oil and gas conglomerate, the same business principles applies. Never ever see your business as small, seek for growth at all levels.

 You can build an empire from just about anything in this world.

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