YES! You read it well:

So, Let me breakdown the story for you...It all started last week Sunday, 7 days ago, i got back home from a trip i made to Los Angeles and when i switch on the TVand i saw the signal from above my TV that told me the remote batteries are low and that i will need to replace the batteries. I was like oh! right, i'd check for battery replacement from one of my cabinets in the kitchen, am usually someone that organizes stuffs around the house.I totally forgot, the next day and the next day and the next day, the TV kept highlighting the screen every time i used the Remote and guess what- I still ignored it. 
An hour Ago, no more alert on mt TV screen and i rushed to the kitchen and searched and scattered every cabinet, No Battery, I dived into the bedroom , checking through every makeup table and ended up realizing ..Girl- Chill it is your fault.I looked at myself and i wasn't ready to step out of the house by all standards, then i said well girl you have no choice, watching TV means getting a battery so I stepped out and Boy! its so cold and i went back in to put on a sweater and then i realized there's no car for me to drive out.
Holy F**k...Reality... All i thought about was ,Girl you saw the signs for one whole week. I had only one option remaining , make a request for battery...Well, i've got a new battery and my remote now works...Please don't be Like Coco.
I hope it was worth your read and if I've made your day, share what you learnt from my day today...winks

coco's note
Love you all and thank you so much...

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