ARSENE WENGER 'ADMITS' ARSENAL 'Mentality Collapsed' During Bayern Munich Match. He Says Arsenal Looked Like They Had No Response

Arsène Wenger admitted Arsenal’s players had “mentally collapsed” after a 5-1 defeat against Bayern Munich that left one of his former players, Martin Keown, predicting it would precipitate the manager’s departure at the end of the season.
We looked like we had no response,’ says Arsenal manager

Wenger described Arsenal’s second‑half collapse, including three goals in one 10-minute spell, as “a nightmare” and his press conference lasted only three questions – or two minutes and 58 seconds to be precise – before it became clear that he was not willing to talk any longer about a result that increases the scrutiny on his own position.

Wenger admitted they had been “mentally very jaded” This is 20 years of work here. He’s been magnificent for the club. This is a massive low point for him.

The real problems were after the third goal,” Wenger said. “We lost our organisation and we looked vulnerable from that moment onwards. The last 25 minutes was a nightmare for us. We looked like we had no response. We collapsed.”

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