ACTRESS GEORGINA ONUOHA GUSHES ON EX HUSBAND: Divorced Or Not! He Will Everly Remain The King..

He will everly Remain THE KING 👑 

Divorce or not..
He will everly Remain THE KING 👑
We still remain what God and man denied You.. #TBT..

I remain what you wished for ,I embody all you hunger for But unfortunately God and man denied You that. Good things come to those who are good and kind..
A dance to Remember ...
I still remain everything God and Man denied You...
The KING and I
Will do it over over again 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Scum.. what's your flavor??
A dance to Remember

The KING 👑 and I..Paris...We still remain what God and man denied You scum... Those who have nevered been married must have at some point been involved in a relationship and we can always agree that sometimes, relationships don't work even between two amazing individuals and whenever kids are involved...its even harder to ever completely have a dissolution. 

Amidst the feud shes having currently with Kemi Olunloyo in Nigeria Regarding some rumored and very very slanderous money laundering disputes ( You can visit her Instagram page for details @georginaonuoha)

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