I'm a year older today. The past 365 days has been life changing...I've made mistakes...mistakes that have made me wiser. And I also have made good decisions....and it's made me wiser. Everything happens for a reason and that's how I see life. 

When you miss a flight, it's for a reason, when you fail an exam, it's for a reason, when my heart gets broken, it's for a reason. Donald got elected , Mohamed Ali is in heaven and Cameroon beat Ghana. Everything happens for a reason. I never question the reasons because God has an amazing way of doing things. 

On the occasion of my birthday I just want to say if I've wronged anyone in anyway, please forgive me. I'm human, I'm not perfect. We learn daily and that is what makes us stronger. We were all born to succeed and we were all born to be each other's keeper. The world would be a much better place if there wasn't so much hatred. One day we shall all answer to God. 

#Happybirthdaytome #Godblessyouall

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