Tonto Dike and Mercy Johnson; Nothing Will Ever Truly Prepare You in this life Like Marriage & Motherhood...

Tonto Dike Extends an Olive leaf to Mercy Johnson !


I  have avoided blogging on the sides to this story, But Reading what my Girl @tontolet wrote last night on her instagram page and really happy reading @mercyjohnson's reply,
 I decided it was fair to actually blog.
 Here @, its important to be certain to a degree
 before writing on my colleagues issues.

Am proud of Tonto Dike and am proud of Mercy Johnson too and from my deepest of hearts, As a married woman also, my heart hurts when relationships go through unnecessary unwanted paths.
Am sorry to say this, But there are two things that really gets to you and
Marriage & Motherhood Educates You On Priorities !
You Never Fully Truly Grow Up To Content most times, Until you absolutely live for Another Human, when the happiness and love and success and AIR of another depends Solely on you.
I love you both Screen Queens and Let Peace and Love continually reign.
Collette Orji.

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