THE TONTO DIKEH BACK TO SCHOOL PROJECT-"Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord

Since the inception of the Tonto Dikeh Foundation, We have continuously strived to find better ways to impact the lives of the less privileged ones, especially, children.

Owing to this, we want to introduce to you our 2017 project: THE TONTO DIKEH BACK TO SCHOOL PROJECT.

This brand new initiative is specially targeted at helping impoverished kids, by providing them one of their most important needs: Education. The project will help to positively affect their lives by providing their educational needs (Books, uniforms, school fees etc)

Thousands of children today have not single hope anywhere of getting even the lowest level of education. This situation will lead to an unpromising future.

For a lot of these children, there exists no hope of getting education due to inherent poverty and indeed lack of education by most of their parents who, based on their own background, would have developed no value for education. Hence, these children are at risk of being exploited, pushed into child marriage, and become a lower income-earners or worse still, unemployed adults.
The Tonto Dikeh foundation back to school project is committed to re-write their stories and give these children a fighting chance at life by empowering them with the most important weapon - Education.

What better way for our nation to grow positively, than to have educated future leaders who will be instrumental in infusing the right knowledge into the system and making our nation stand tall again.
The Tonto Dikeh foundation believes that every child is of infinite value and if they're given an education. They will indeed have a brighter future.. Join us as we build a better future for Africa's Future leaders! "Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done." — Proverbs 19:17



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