Stephanie Okereke Mail From A Fan, by name Addo: I have not been stricken this much in my life like the time I watched that movie. I even prayed for people in such situation the next day

My biggest testimony about the movie ‘DRY’ is the way it encourages people to be the change they want in their society. I recently got this email from someone in Ghana who watched DRY recently and was deeply touched by the honest feedback which I’d love to share with you today.
Here it is:

My name is Addo Vanes. I am 24 years old and a graduate of University of Ghana, Legon. I studied Political Science and Information Studies. I love community service, fashion, old African songs and choreography.
Since I went to college in 2012 to date, I hardly watch television because I was schooling and working. So I hardly have time just to sit and watch TV for an hour. I just want to do a good job, work well and cause no harm.
On the 1st of January this year, I was writing another 365-journey story with God’s help. I stayed in my house all day and moved to my mum’s house at about 4pm. I left with my aunt to her house after I left mum’s. So we were chatting and she put on her TV as usual. There was a Mexican telenovela being shown and they were watching while I was chatting on the phone. Right after the telenovela, she changed the TV station to GTV where was a movie being shown. Right when I saw a little girl crying I told her not to change the station. Lo and behold, it was DRY. But since I didn’t see the beginning of the movie I didn’t see the title. So I googled ‘STEPHANIE OKEREKE’S FISTULA MOVIE’. And I saw it as DRY.  
I have not been stricken this much in my life like the time I watched that movie. I even prayed for people in such situation the next day. I googled the entire cast and I didn’t find most of them on social media except you. God bless you immeasurably. There are so many injustices targeted to the rural communities in African countries. Early childhood marriages, female genital mutilation, and in Ghana we have Trokosiwhere girls are married off to gods. It’s horrible. Thank you for using your stardom and voice to bring our knowledge to this. I cried on my way from my aunt’s place to my house because I was posted to a town outside the city after University for my service but I declined the offer and changed it to Accra. The movie made me know that God wanted to use me to help the community or even just one child. So I have made a conscious effort to help my community one day. Right after watching the movie I have joined several Fistula Organizations worldwide which I use my social media handles, especially Twitter, to raise awareness about it. Because I could not find one in Ghana, I choose to join the online ones to help spread the message to save our girls from early marriages and the shame and deprivation that comes with fistula. SO THIS LETTER OF MINE IS TO SAY THANK YOU MRS LINUS FOR THIS DRY MOVIE WHICH TOOK OVER MY ENTIRE MOOD. MORE GRACE TO DO MORE.