Princess Shyngle: If You Want To Marry A Virgin,Go Ahead and leave the Bikini dressed Ladies Alone...

If you want to marry a virgin go ahead,if you want to marry a lady without a child go ahead but please don't tarnish the name of single mums by calling them names 😏. If you want a lady who wears long skirts , baggy blouses etc go ahead my brother but please leave the ladies who wear bikinis, knee length dresses and trousers alone ✌🏽️

If you want a lady that will never ask you for money please go ahead and marry that lady, but don't go around saying that a girl is a gold digger simple because you can't afford to meet her needs 💯

. . You want to marry a lady with a degree that's fine too , but you really don't need to call the lady with no diploma uneducated or of less intellect 👎🏽. If somebody is not of your preference leave them in peace and find your preference, no need to talk bad about them 👍🏽😉💯🙌🏽. Bikini by 

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