President Obama Gave his farewell speech minutes ago,absolutely Graceful,Powerful and passionate;Thank You America

President Barack Obama Just concluded his final speech to the nation.

It was powerful, emotional and graceful. Moments when he referred to his wife of 25 years Michelle Obama, Malia Obama his daughter were filled with obvious love and honesty especially when he told his daughter he is very proud to be her dad.

He also gave accolades of praises to his friend and vice president Joe Biden and of course the Vice presidents wife was present.

 It was  beautiful and commendable ,the speech from the president as he bid farewell to all Americans today will strengthen America. He thanked his staff and all Americans for trusting him enough for the last eight years,  

Here are some of the highlights of the speech tonight:

-If every economic struggle is framed as a social attitude, sometimes it can take generations to change

-You will never really fully understand a person until you look at things from his point of view

-When protesters demonstrate peacefully, it's because they want things to continually be as the founding fathers embraced freedom.

-This nation is better today than it will ever be, we all have to try harder.

-And that children are just as caring and hopeful and worthy of love as our own.

-We become so secure in our bubbles and we start accepting situations solely on our opinions instead of listening to the facts

-.Politics is a battle of ideas

- Science and Reason matter.

 -How do we excuse ethical collapse in our parties but oppose when the other party does the same thing.

-Reality sure has a way of catching up with us, he said that's a quote from his mother

-Without bolder edge, our children won't have the strength to understand global challenge.

 -Because of the extra ordinary courage of my our men in uniform, no one who threatens America will ever be safe.

-Protecting our way of life is not just our motto.

-We as citizens must guard against divisions.

- I've worked to put the fight of terrorism behind us.

 -I reject discrimination against Muslim Americans'.

 -I keep fighting to close down  Gitmo.

 -We cannot withdraw from big fights, LGBT rights, women rights, human rights, fight against territorialism, scope of freedom and respect stretch around the world.

-Lets be vigilant but not Afraid.

-Our democracy is threatened whenever we take it for granted.

- We should be rebuilding our democratic decisions.

- We should be making it easier to vote.

-Reduce the corrosive power of money in our politics.

-Congress should crave in to common sense.

-None of these things happen in its own, we have to participate and accept the responsibility of citizenship.

-Our constitution is a remarkable beautiful gift but it has no power in its own, we the people give it power, with our participation ,with the choice that we make, whether or not we stand to the strength of power.

-We blame the leaders we elect without examining our own rules in electing them, we should be jealous of our democracy as citizens of America

-Democracy needs you not just when there's an election or when it's your own term is,
but always.

-Its not about engaging on the internet, rather meeting to address situations.

-Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose.

-Sometimes even the process will disappoint you.

-For those of us this has  energize and inspire, and my faith in America has been conform

-Your faith in American will conform.

-I've seen scientist help paralyze men come to sense of touch, doctors working, children reminding us to care for refugees, working for peace and looking out for each other.

-Power of ordinary Americans' to bring about change,

-Am living this stage even more optimistic than ever!

-Am asking you to believe in your ability to bring about change!

These are just some of the highlights, the full speech was a master piece and the moments after the speech will leave you wanting to be right there in the midst of it all.

Thank You President Barack Obama For Your Service.

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  1. He has tried.... And we r tired of him too.... Good bye Mr President . Let see wot Trump has 4 pple.


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