Femi Jacobs 'Mr M' 

Multiple Award Winning Actor Evolution Coach Speaker

Award winning actor, Femi Jacob, is one of the most eligible bachelors in Nollywood. But even with his fine looks and great talent, the young man is not ready to leave the bachelors’ club anytime soon even as all his siblings are married.

Explaining his single status to Saturday Beats recently, Jacobs said, “It is not  just the economics of marriage, it is the dynamics. Everybody has a dream in life. Some people have a business and they just want to make money. For me, marriage is a resting place; it is a place where you can scale your dream up to another level.

 I want to be at a particular level of settlement before I go into marriage. Also, there is a space and time for everyone. I love the concept of love even though I am not a champion for it; I am not a champion for romance. If I was one, I would have been married at the age of 25. But I believe it is part of life and culture to an extent. 

I think love is beautiful. It is a beautiful thing to love someone and to be loved back by the same person.”

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well,hes a fantastic Actor

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