Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery was an inside Job,the Cops' think...Suspects now known as the Kim K-17

Kim K-17

About 17 men were arrested in Paris yesterday as suspects on the Kim Kardashian last October.
Among the suspects being questioned, its been reported that one of them is a 72 year old man....

And Yes , they also say that it looks more like an Inside Job! The Cops Think that one of her drivers was IN on the job allegedly.

The Suspects are now called Kim K-17. One  of the French newspaper Le Monde reported that, the driver allegedly suspected to be involved is frequently been used by the Kardashians whenever they are in Paris and the cops think that he may have given out information on Kim's  whereabouts on the night of the robbery.
This report is now raising an old theory that Kim's Robbery was an inside job.

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