Massive boycott (Ghost Towns) to use of Youth Day to erase the history of Southern Cameroons, notably Plebiscite Day (11 February 1961).
First Southern Cameroons Day to Show Overwhelming Support for the Restoration of Independence (From exactly noon and lasting only until exactly 1pm: all citizens of Southern Cameroons on “Ghost Town” campaign to step out of their homes into the road/street in front of their homes and to join in on a country-wide shaming of colonialism through the ringing of bells, booing, shouting, beating of drums, buckets, dancing, clapping of hands, etc.)

Ensure international press coverage of the above campaign, showing the thirst for freedom and self-government by Southern Cameroonians.

MoRISC Conventions of the Southern Cameroons Diaspora hold Worldwide in every country where Southern Cameroonians are based.

Election at the MoRISC Worldwide Conventions of the Diaspora Elect an Ambassador-in-Waiting and Embassy Staff-in-Waiting for each country.
Election at the MoRISC Worldwide Conventions of the leadership across the world.
The House of Chiefs and Fons (Upper Chamber of the Southern Cameroons Interim Congress) Opens virtually.

The Legislature/Parliament (Lower House of the Interim Congress of Southern Cameroons) convenes virtually. Enlarged membership to include Representatives of Elected Councilors, Elected Mayors, Elected Parliamentarians, Elected Senators, Elected Reps. of Students, Lawyers, Traders, Women, Religious Leaders, Transporters and “Okada” Riders, etc.

The Interim Congress of Southern Cameroons authorizes a number of its members to enter into negotiations with the Government of La Republique du Cameroun; to reach transition arrangements, including future diplomatic relations, responsibility for the national debt, compensation for the parties, currency, security and defense.

MoRISC opens process for receipt of applications for the posts of Governors-in-Waiting of the North West and South West Regions, and Senior Divisional Officer-in-Waiting and Divisional Officer-in-Waiting. These positions will be open during this transition to only natural leaders of the people (Chiefs/Fons) and to already elected officers: Elected Senators, Elected Parliamentarians, Elected Mayors, Elected Councilors.

MoRISC holds election to add Southern Cameroonian Youth organizations leaders into Lower Chamber, in case youth representation is inadequate.

Worldwide Diaspora Conventions: 11 February 2017

A Call for Organizers to Register!

Dear Southern Cameroonians in the Diaspora,
If you are Southern Cameroonian and currently live in the Diaspora…
If you are one of the leaders of the Southern Cameroonian Diaspora in your host country and feel confident that you would be able to mobilize the leaders and members of the member organizations of MoRISC (Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons)
If you would like to lead the organization of the convention of the Southern Cameroonian Diaspora that will hold in your host country on 11 February 2017…

Kindly send an email to  or fill out and the send the form below, to register your intent.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.
With very best regards

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