Five Things Your Clothe Says About You...Red means Sex, and ...

Five things that your clothe is saying about you!

Ready? Here we go:

 Different color clothing says different things about you!

1.For the most part, Red seems to mean Sex. The most interesting is that studies shows Red has some pretty unique effects. Research shows that it makes men more attractive to women and it makes women more attractive to men. hey- now you know the color to put on when you trying to get Hitch..

2.Dressing young-

 This generally makes you healthier. Glasses make you look smarter but less attractive. How a female celebrity dresses can tell you how short or long her marriage will be ( Na Wa oh)

Brand Name Clothes:

3.You like brand name clothes because- They make you seem high status and (Hopefully) this will cause people to treat you better.

Dark Clothing:

 4. Dark Clothing: This is Neurotic ( Pls Visit your dictionary Biko)

  i. Formal Dressing: Conscientious

ii.Messy and unconventional Clothing: Open to new things

iii. Cleavage and Expensive Clothes: Narcissism in Women

5. You Trust your doctors more when they wear the White Coat.

i. You Like Musicians more when they dress they way you expect them to. By the same Token, What you wear affects how you acts.... ( still thinking)

So choose your clothes wisely when you need to perform at your best because Sadly, Sometimes if not most times, You are what you wear (Oops)

People easily turn to address you from your dress....It is what it is.....The world keeps judging

coco's note
I may never pass this exam

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