Congress Man John Lewis Feuds with Donald Trump and A twitter Troll that mistook him for someone else...

The computer scientist from Virginia didn't realize there would be quite so much confusion when he took the twitter name @johnlewis

 but since then he has become famous for his patient replies to people who mistake him from the department store.
But Today, he's been dealing with the mistaken identity from a different quarter, this time with a more disturbing theme.

People have been sending him tweets thinking he is John Lewis the civil rights legend turned politician who criticizes Donald Trump this weekend.
John Lewis said over the weekend that the Russian interference in the last presidential US elections delegitimizes the President elect Donald Trump's Presidency.

Well, Donald Trump responded back in a series of tweet where he said Congress Man John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district which is in horrible shape and falling apart not to mention crime invested rather than complaining about the election results.


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