Collette Orji - Where Are Your Boobs?...Why Don't You Have Breast?

I was just Eleven years old (11) when I entered secondary school & Both Girls & Boys Wouldn't Let Me Be.

 A group of Girls After Having A meeting ABOUT COCO, finally sent their executive branch to Expose me on the subject matter.

Collette, They called; We have concluded and we want to know why you don't have BREAST!

Is it because you are tying your breast so you look like you don't have BOBI? ( Boobs )

The Story Continues :

They were Approximately twelve girls ...This Took Place Inside The Market...

They Listed my Various Offenses as Follows

1: You don't have breast and it seems like you are Tying it to stop it from growing.

2: You said you don't know how to Boil Rice.

3: You Lied that you are a 'Soft' Pikin and cannot do manuals( Clearing Grass Specifically)

4: You say Your Father is rich and travels to Douala every week.

5. Do you like ( A boys name I can't bring him into this ) or not? You are pretending.

6: You think you are the most beautiful girl in our class or what?
7: Are you even a virgin sef?

8: You say you have different uniforms for the different days of the week.

... You must answer all of this today ...

I was 11 ... really didn't understand my crimes BUT I was Tough So I handled Them Very Well.

Just Thinking & Thanking God for Boobs today and for Letting me Grow Up as a person finally.

PS;  Can you recount some of the craziest incidents you experienced in school growing up as a child in your teenage ages?

...And Welcome to

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Thanks so much for being here and Making this work so far.


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