Chickens Trick their partners into Sex

                    Like Most Scumbags, Chickens Also Trick their Partners into sex

Chickens are absolute friends and most people don't know this.
Its been revealed that chickens are more intelligent than we thought.
A recent study indicates that they think in numbers  and
 differentiate between crude diagrams
However it turns out they use intelligence to act like Total Cocks.
Cockrels have been found to pretend to have found food, putting out a call
 to other chickens to say that dinners up..
However, when the Hens turn up expecting to eat,
 they find that the whole thing was a front for the cockrels to chat them up
Dr. Lori Marino, an animal behavior expert and advocate for the
rights of nonhuman animals said this was just one example of
Machiavellian intelligence in chickens.

Deception is an example of for Chickens too She Wrote in the
study Published in the Animal Cognition scientific Journal.
Males will sometimes make food call in the absence of any food .

This also serves to attract females who, once near them, can be engaged.

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