Actress Roseline Meure Accused of 'Home Disputes' In Tonto Dike's Recent Issues with Husband Churchill Finally Responds

Actress Roseline Meure has finally come out to debunk the news making the rounds that she is dating  Tonto Dike's husband, Oladunni Churchill, saying that the Tonto's’ husband is a mentor to her.
She said this in an interview with Hip TV earlier today, and according to the actress, she says she finds it irritating that people would think that way,

 “Its irritating to the ears, its just like saying, are you sleeping with your brother? 
like i said before and i repeat myself, this is someone that is a mentor to me,
 He is someone i look up to”.

Roseline further said that the rumor about her is irrelevant to her,

saying that the couple is in peace;

“I really have nothing to say about this because it is really irrelevant to me, they are in peace, they are happy, i don’t know what you people are saying”

The actress further advised that people should get their facts before they go about spreading false rumors;
 “you people should get your facts before bringing things out, this is really irrelevant with me, i’m not going to say much about it until never”

Though the actress has debunked this rumor about her involvement with Churchill, more allegations are still out there linking him with other women.

culled from goldmyneTV.


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